Taunton Rowing Club Officers are:

  • Steve Swan – Chair
  • Christopher Breeze – Secretary
  • Tim Wingfield – Boat Captain
  • David Walden – Treasurer
  • Sarah Pascall – Membership
  • Chris Kurton – Safety and Safeguarding
  • Peter Hulett – Learn to Row and Development

Constitution & Rules

Version approved by EGM 1 March 2013


The Club shall be known as Taunton Rowing Club, hereinafter known as ‘the Club’.


The objectives of the Club are to encourage and develop the sport of rowing, both recreational and competitive, for members of the Club and to promote rowing generally in Taunton and the wider region.


3.1. Power of Decision

Any matter not provided for in this Constitution, or any question of how it should be interpreted shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be final.

3.2. Alteration

3.2.1. This Constitution shall not be altered, amended or rescinded except by a General Meeting of the Club.

3.2.2. A resolution to give effect to any change in the Constitution must be passed by a vote of at least 75% of the members present at the General Meeting.

3.3. Regulations

3.3.1. The Club will from time-to-time make such Regulations as are necessary for the management of the Club.

3.3.2. Where there is any apparent contradiction between the Regulations and the Constitution, the Constitution will prevail.


4.1. Equal Opportunities

The Club is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity and is responsible for ensuring that no member is discriminated against on any grounds.

4.2. Child Protection Procedures

The Club accepts the policy and procedures relating to Child Protection and the Protection of Vulnerable Adults as set out by British Rowing, and requires all members to accept them as a condition of membership. The Welfare Officer of the Club must be a member of British Rowing.

4.3. Safety

The Officers and Committee have primary responsibility for safe practice within the Club and for observing guidance of water safety and child/vulnerable adult protection issued by British Rowing, RowSafe and other relevant national bodies.


5.1. The following are eligible for membership 2

  • Full member (18 years and over)
  • Junior members (under 18)
  • Students (in full time education)
  • Family members
  • Social members (do not have access to or use of Club boats/members training equipment)
  • Affiliate members

5.2. Voting

Only full members and family members 18 years and over are entitled to vote at all meetings.

5.3. Liability & Insurance

The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club. Financial or legal liability incurred in the rightful exercise of their office shall not, however, be the personal liability of the Committee, but shall be the responsibility of the Club as a whole. Potential liabilities in excess of £5,000 require prior approval by an EGM.

The Committee should ensure that adequate and appropriate public or preferably civil liability insurance is in place to cover all the activities of the Club, its Committee and members.

5.4. Declaration

Each member upon joining will be required to sign a declaration acknowledging and accepting the risks inherent in rowing and their medical suitability to participate.

5.5. Election of Membership

5.5.1. Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport of rowing on application in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Policy – see paragraph 4.1.

5.5.2. The Club may have different classes of membership and membership fees (subscriptions) on a non-discriminatory and fair basis. The Club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people joining the Club.

5.5.3. Applicants for membership and members renewing their membership will abide by the Constitution, rules and Regulations of the Club and British Rowing.

5.5.4. If it is considered by the Club committee that the granting or renewal of membership to an individual would be detrimental to the aims and objectives of the Club, by virtue of conduct or character likely to bring the Club or the sport of rowing into disrepute or for some other similar good cause, the Committee shall be entitled to refuse or withdraw such membership. In doing so the Committee shall provide full reasons for their decision and grant the member a right of appeal see Club’s Regulations.

5.5.5. Members are strongly encouraged to become members of British Rowing. All officers of the Club must be members of British Rowing.

5.6. Restriction

The Committee has the right to refuse or expel any member who has made a false declaration regarding their suitability to join the Club.

5.7. Subscriptions

The level of membership fees for the following year shall be proposed by the Committee and approved by the by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Should membership be terminated by club or member for any reason during the club year no refund of fees are payable.

5.8. Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

A member with a complaint about treatment by the Club should set out their grievance, in the first instance, to the Chairman, or the Secretary. The complaint will be dealt with in a fair and timely manner and in accordance with the complaints procedure set forth in the Club’s Regulations and with reference to British Rowing’s ‘Guidelines on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures in Rowing’.

5.9. Cessation of membership

5.9.1. Any member may resign giving one month’s clear notice in writing to the Secretary.

5.9.2. Any member violating any of the rules or Regulations of the Club or being adjudged guilty of unsatisfactory conduct may, by resolution of the Committee, be suspended or expelled. Any member so suspended or expelled may appeal to an independent Hearings Panel whose composition and procedure will be laid down in the Regulations. The panel may be drawn from the membership of the Club or from other clubs in the region. The panel will hear and receive evidence, reach a conclusion, affirm or reject the sanctions imposed as appropriate.

5.9.3. Any hearings panel must give a fair and independent hearing to the appellant within an appropriate timescale. Hearings must not contravene the Human Rights Act 1998 or any other policies of the Club and British Rowing.

5.9.4. A member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club if, after due notice in writing, they have not paid by 1st November in any year the annual subscription which became due on 1st October of that year.


6.1. The Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Club as a whole. It shall consist of a Chairman, Club Captain(s), Secretary, Treasurer, and other Officers may be co-opted as deemed necessary. The Committee shall have the power to form sub-committees and working groups that it deems necessary.

Co-opted committee members do not have voting rights in respect of committee decisions.

6.2. Nominations in writing for Officers of the Committee must be received by the Secretary at least two weeks before the AGM and the Secretary will circulate these to members to ensure they are received at least one week prior to the AGM. This can be done by email. .

6.3. The term of Officers shall be for one year, and members shall be eligible for re-election.

6.4. Disqualification from holding office

6.4.1 Only members entitled to vote are eligible to hold office.

6.4.2 Any member who is under the age of 18 years, shall not be eligible for election to the Committee of the Club. 4

6.5. Duties of Committee Officers

6.5.1. Chairman: The Chairman (or Chair) will preside at all General meetings of the Club and at all meetings of the Committee, and shall be responsible for guiding the activities of the Club in accordance with its general policy as expressed by the majority of its members. The Chairman shall represent or arrange for the representation of the Club at British Rowing regional level and at meetings of other organisations. The Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of any other committee of the Club.

6.5.2. Captain: The Captain will be responsible for training, coaching and representation of the Club in competitions.

6.5.3. Secretary: The Secretary will be responsible for the organisation of meetings of the Committee and of the Club and the recording of minutes relating to such meetings, and all correspondence relating to the general business of the Club.

6.5.4. Treasurer: The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection and disbursement of all monies belonging to the Club and will keep proper accounting records of all such transactions. He or she will present to the members at the AGM a balance sheet and income and expenditure account showing the Club’s financial position and the results of its transactions for the year. The transactions of the Club will be conducted through a bank account and will require the signatures of two members of the Committee, one of whom must be either the Treasurer or the Chairman.

6.6. Business of the Committee

6.6.1. The Committee is responsible for the general conduct of the Club’s business and activities.

6.6.2. The Committee shall meet at regular intervals during the year, as required by the business to be transacted.

6.6.3. Special meetings of the Committee shall be called by the Secretary on instructions from not less than five members of the Club, including one Officer of the Club.

6.6.4. A quorum shall consist of not less than 50% of members.

6.6.5. In the case of a vacancy among the Committee, nominations for a replacement will be invited within 2 weeks with elections held to appoint a replacement no more than four weeks after that date.

6.6.6. The Committee and individual committee members should act according to high ethical standards, and ensure that conflicts of interest are properly dealt with.


7.1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in September each year. There shall be laid before the meeting by the Treasurer a statement of accounts made up to the 30th August – see paragraph 6.5.4 above.

7.2. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called on the instructions of a simple majority of the Committee, or on a requisition signed by not less than 25% of the members of the Club entitled to vote.

7.3. Notice of not less than 28 days shall be given for an AGM, specifying to all members the time and business of the meeting and enunciating the initial nominations for Officers and inviting any others, as outlined in paragraph 6.2.

7.4. Motions for discussion at the AGM, shall be lodged with the Secretary at least seven days preceding the AGM, and be proposed and seconded.

7.5. At all General Meetings the Chairman will preside or, in his/her absence, a nominated member of the Committee.

7.6. Quorum: at all General Meetings not less than 25% members of the Club entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum.

7.7. Absences of Quorum: if after half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting a quorum is not present, the Meeting, if called at the request of the members, shall be dissolved. In any other case, the Meeting shall be adjourned until a time and place to be fixed by the Committee. If a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for an Adjourned Meeting, the members present shall be deemed to be a quorum.

7.8. Voting: at all General Meetings, a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided by both a show of hands, and/or by postal or email votes of those entitled to vote received by the Secretary (prior to the meeting).

7.9. Accidental Omission: accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of notice of, a meeting by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of a meeting.


Members at the AGM shall decide whether or not to appoint an Auditor who shall at the conclusion of the next financial year examine the accounting records of the Club, including the income and expenditure and balance sheet. The Auditor, if appointed, will confirm in writing that the accounting records present an accurate picture of the Club’s financial position.


In no circumstances can any surplus be distributed to members of the Club. Surplus earned shall be used solely in furthering the objectives of the Club. Scholarships are to be made available to allow rowers to train, compete and participate in the activities of the Club without hindrance; decisions about any such disbursements to be made by the Committee.


The Club shall not terminate except by a resolution of 75% of the voting members of the Club at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose and, in such an event, any surplus assets shall be handed over to a body or bodies with similar objectives, or to a charity or charities agreed by the meeting which formally terminates the Club.