On Thursday, Taunton Rowing Club named their newest boat ‘BENCHMARK’ in recognition of the generous support of the Taunton charity of the same name. Benchmark is the fund of Somerset Magistrates, working in close collaboration with Somerset Community Foundation. Formed in 2010, with the belief that early intervention and the provision of the right sort of diversion, can turn around the prospects of young people at risk of a life of crime. Committee members who are predominantly drawn from the Somerset magistracy know what’s going on with young people locally. Through their experience of dealing with youth crime they know where the risks are and how the timely provision of support can make a difference. Benchmark raises funds and make grants for identified and successfully proven youth projects. Lesley Mackay of the Benchmark charity kindly came to the new COACH Community Hub in French Weir Park to unveil the new boat for Taunton Rowing Club, together with some club members and pupils from Taunton School taking part in the club’s Learn to Row Course. COACH is a wonderful new community sports building, aimed specifically at young people who want to get involved in sports including rowing, cycling, canoeing, orienteering and running, enhancing their outlook and apsirations. The new boat is a double scull that can be used by rowers with disabilities and also as a training double. ‘BENCHMARK’ will now take pride of place in the new boathouse at COACH, which the club are in the process of moving to from their temporary site at Firepool.